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Acceleration perpendicular to gravity?

  1. Jun 17, 2014 #1
    Hey guys,
    Is there an equation for finding the acceleration perpendicular to gravity?
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    F=ma, right? F is a vector, so if you want the acceleration perpendicular to the force of gravity then use the component(s) of F that are perpendicular to gravity.
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    What if only know the length of one side and only angle of the right angle? Which is 90 degrees. I'm not sure how to find it dont know one of the other angles.
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    If all you know is the weight of the car and the acceleration of gravity, you cannot tell how hard the driver is pressing down on the accelerator.

    So... what is it that you do know?
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    Which length are you talking about?
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    I know the accelration due to gravity. I know the weight of the car. I know how long it is accelerating for, time in seconds, and I know the circumference of the wheels. I do not know velocity or acceleration of the car. But I do have a minimum and a maximum value for velocity of the car. So the values I am trying to find are between the min and max velocity, if that helps.
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    So you are talking about a car accelerating for sometime?

    The information you provided is still not sufficient for finding the acceleration of it horizontally.Do you know the number of turns of the wheel per second?
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    This sounds, smells, and quacks like a HW/Coursework problem. Rather than give annoying bits and pieces of the problem, please redo this in the HW/Coursework forum and follow the rules and template of that forum.

    Thread closed.

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