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Additional Text for Optics Class

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    Hello. I am currently taking Physical Optics and I do not particular like the textbook I am using and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on study tools (books or websites) to help me with what we are learning.

    The class is of the undergraduate level, and the book we are using is Introduction to Optics by Pedrotti encase anyone is interested.

    I would appreciate any help.
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    The Schaum's Outlines book for optics gets pretty good reviews. I haven't gone through it yet, but it seems like a great resource for only $13. It's mostly problems that are solved and explained with some summarizing of important concepts. It's written by Hecht, who also has a textbook on optics, which the outline is based off of.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Have you looked through either Hecht or Jenkins and White?
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    I second the recommendation for Hecht's "Optics".

    The Schaum's Outline book, on the other hand, is more a quick summary for review than an actual teaching book. So get it if you want a review resource, but don't plan on learning optics from it.
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    That's the one the OP was complaining about. :smile:
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    oh #@$%^ there goes the last bit of my reading comprehension
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