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Programs Advanced courses in mathematics and physics for doing phd in harvrd

  1. Jan 8, 2012 #1
    I am planning to get into harvard physics division the requirements say that I should complete six advanced courses ,two mathematics and four physics courses .but i study in a technological university in India .But i am willing to do the courses outside .anyone with the similar problem and anyone with suggestions are welcome to give a piece of advice regarding the type of courses and the instituition to recieve them part time
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    1) Don't limit yourself to just Harvard, it's very difficult to get into a school like that especially for an international student, look around at other schools. You sound like you're at the start of your academic career so focus first on succeeding at your current courses instead of getting into a top tier grad school.

    2) I'm no expert on Indian schools but I have heard good things about IIT Madras. If you want to have any chance at getting into Harvard I suggest you get out of your technological university and transfer to one of the top universities there.
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