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Homework Help: Advanced Project - Wheatstone Bridge for TCR measurements

  1. Dec 4, 2013 #1
    Advanced Project -- Wheatstone Bridge for TCR measurements

    Ok, so I have to do this experiment on my own as part of my coursework this year and I picked something called the temperature coefficient of resistance.

    I think I basically have to determine the TCR or copper and I'm almost certain that I need to use a Wheatstone bridge. The theory behind the experiment makes sense to me I guess, but I'm not very good at the practical stuff and I'm not really sure what apparatus I need for it. I have to prove the formula:-Rt = Ro (1 + alpha(t) ) if that helps at all.

    Unfortunately, the only book my school has with any information about my experiment isn't in the library at the moment and I'm really struggling to find a version online that uses a Wheatstone bridge.

    If anyone has done this experiment before or has any ideas on how I might set it up, I could really use the help :/
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    I googled Wheatstone Bridge for Resistance Measurements, which got me to the wikipedia page for Wheatstone Bridge.

    On that page, the variation of the bridge best suited for measuring small resistances is the Carey Foster bridge:


    That article should help you get going with your project. :smile:
  4. Dec 5, 2013 #3
    Thanks, broski.

    Although I decided to man up and just tell my teacher I was confused and he said he'd give me a hand tomorrow.

    But cheers for the link (Even though it's that Wikipedia bollocks).
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