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Engineering Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering?

  1. May 4, 2012 #1
    I'm pretty much confused right now, I've just completed Higher National Diploma in Aerospace engineering and i aim to study further about aviation science and management concepts in aviation. I'm mainly confused on which course to chose - B.Sc in Aeronautical engineering or in Aerospace engineering. Both might sound same but some of you might know how different they are. After Bachelor i want to do a Master's in Aviation Business Management (MBA in Aviation management).
    And i also want to know which university offers good course in Aeronautical engineering. Most of the universities offer undergraduate courses in Aerospace engineering, i am trying to find aeronautical engineering course.
    Advices or Info are welcomed.
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    I'm not fully sure what you are asking, but if you want to go into aviation, choose aeronautical.
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    Pretty much the same thing, only difference is aerospace engineering might contain modules in space engineering and robotics instead or aeronautics modules
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