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Aerospace eng. considering a Double Major? Minor?

  1. May 4, 2007 #1
    I am an aerospace engineering sophomore, and i am interested in double majoring or minoring in a related field.

    Some minors/double majors i am considering include:
    Green Engineering, Ocean Engineering
    Math, perhaps Applied and Computational Mathematics

    I'm not really sure what would be most useful for me,
    and also what would be most appealing for future employers.

    Perhaps there are other things i can dedicate my time towards rather than a minor/double major that would be more beneficial?

    If anyone has any ideas on other possible fields i should consider or has any insight with regards to my questions above, please post!

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    One needs to master the material in ones major/discpline.

    Doing two majors will not be impressive if one does not do well. That is one consideration.

    If one does a double major, it would help if they are complementary, e.g. aerospace/mechanical engineering, or aerospace/materials science (or engineering), or aerospace/computational mathematics.

    It also depends what specialty on pursues within one's major field. For example, in aerospace engineering one could specialize in structures and structural engineering (and materials science or engineering would be a good complement), fluid mechanics (in which case computational math or possibly ocean engineering would be complementary), power systems (mech eng would be complementary especially courses on turbomachinery), avionics and control systems/theory (so EE would be a good complement).

    Don't think about what looks good on a resume or to an prospective employer. Rather, do well in one's major or major/minor or double major in areas that are interesting to oneself.

    Employers want employees who are skilled, competent, self-directed, self-motivated, clever, diligent, . . . .
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