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Aerospace Engineering or Physics?

  1. Dec 5, 2012 #1
    I was initially going to school to be a math major. I didn't have any issues with the difficulty of the classes, however they were boring the hell out of me and I just wasn't enjoying it. So, I've decided to switch it up.

    Here's the deal. I could just switch to a physics degree at my current university with no problem and have my degree by Spring 2014. I like Physics and all the classes associated with the degree, but what kind of jobs can you get with it? Average salary coming out of school? After 10 years?

    The other option I'm weighing would be to pursue an Aerospace Engineering degree. It caters to my interests more than a general physics degree does. The only problem with this one, is that I would have to do all of the pre-engineering courses at my current university which would run me into Spring 2014, then I would have another 2 years of school at the University of Texas or Texas A&M

    Is it worth spending another 2 years of my life, and A LOT more money obtaining the engineering degree?
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    ...Anybody have any input??
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