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Schools Aerospace Engineering University

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    Usually i would only come to PF to read and browse the contents here rather than to participate. LOL but i guess i'm desperate for some advice.

    Alright, heres the deal. I got offered to study aerospace engineering from University of Southampton and Sheffield University. Originally, i plan on choosing Loughborough but my application was unsuccessful. For Southampton, i got the aeronautics and astronautics course. While for Sheffield, i got the Aerospace engineering with a year in industry.

    I really don't mind doing the 1 year in industry if i have to. But i really can't choose between these 2.. So anybody care to give me some advice on this?
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    6 and 2 threes really. I've been to sheffield uni and liked it and my friend enjoys it there.

    I think that they are both good unis, not very different status-wise, so you have to decide where you see yourself in 10 years time as the degrees have quite different outcomes really.

    This is assuming you have a concrete idea about your career, where as you probably don't as you're still in school, and probably shouldn't as you may not know what is out there yet.

    Yeah, I'm not being very helpful. Go to sheffield. The year-in-industry is basically a year-long interview and most people end up working where they intern.
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    I'd go with the year in industry purely because the yea in industry is worth more than the degree itself. Aside from that, both courses have the same outcomes - they're both an aero-engineering degree and that's all that matters.
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