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Aerospace Aileron-Air crafts/Rockets control theory

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    Hi all

    I have majored in mechanical engineering and I have taken some basic control courses in the universities so I am wondering how to control the aileron on an air craft or fins on a rocket so as to get the path you want.

    example : you want to change the air craft path to move up 10 degree (go upward to certain height) by changing the aileron position.

    As a mechanical engineer, of course I know the lift and drag equations.

    I know little about Inertial navigation and these things but I am ready to read every thing that could help me understanding, so do you have any experience on these area of control?
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    Wrong, the control surface for this is the elevator. The aileron controls rolling (banking) maneuvers this is performed by the control system whether it be fly by wire or cable. Inertial navigation is controlled by a host of sensors and satellites.
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    Sorry not to be accurate on my example, aileron is to control rolling motion,rudder for yaw axis and elevator for pitch, am I right now? :)
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