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Air HES, Air Hydroelectric Station

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    Air HES is air hydroelectric station. It is a new type of power plants which is now in research stage. If the experiments will succeed, people all around the World will get a source of completely green electricity and also clean drinking water (even in deserts and so on).

    If you want to learn more about our science project, please check out our website: airhes.com

    What do you think about this?
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    One non-technical comment: The writer of the website text has not learned to construct English sentences correctly.
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    There is no "above-mentioned Swiss HPS". (You should have an editor find and fix all your errors.)

    And 450 mph sounds like a really extraordinary speed for water to be passing through a 3 mm tube over a distance of 2 to 3 kilometers.

    I think your flow loses are going to be higher than you've estimated.

    I would do an experiment with a 30 foot long, 3 mm tube, and check flow rates before I invested more. Or better yet, find the relevant fluid dynamics equations. They will give you ball park numbers. And best yet, they're free!
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    Balloon 500 m3 raises 500 kg

    If you look at this site you balloon would need to be larger.

    A balloon containing hydrogen of 500 m3 would lift only about 200 kg from the site.
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    Have you been looking at the graph for hydrogen? The lift is 1.03 kg/m^3
    according to that site.

    Since the pressure of air is lower at an altitude, the air won't weigh as much.
    You won't need more helium, because that expands as well, but the balloon
    itself needs to be bigger
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