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Algebra between US and international edition

  1. Sep 29, 2012 #1
    Algebra between US and international edition !!

    in my Last topic " click here "

    I found that there is 2 kind of artin's book : algebra .. Us and international edition .. and AbeBooks showed the diffrence between the 2 kinds : first, in the cover and the other is the exercises in the end of each chapter .. also : I noticed that Us edition is more expensive than international edition ..

    so I ask your advice : what is better : US edition or international edition ??

    what US denote to here ? United State of America edition ? or another thing ?

    why the international edition is cheaper that US edition ?

    the international edition

    US edition :
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    Re: Algebra between US and international edition !!

    usually international editions are cheaper because of economic realities and business contracts in foreign countries. presumably they are not actually approved for for sale in the US, so it is a bit like cheating to buy them if you live here and could afford the US version. Students are poor though and often ignore this fact. Even worse but very common for years were pirated versions from foreign countries that pay nothing at all to authors like Mike for use of his book. I am no longer poor, and personally I would "never" buy an international edition. (I might be tempted to if the book were incredibly useful to me and unavailable in any other form, but would still try to resist.)
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    Re: Algebra between US and international edition !!

    Another thing to be aware of is that some international versions are printed poorly and on low-quality paper. This can make figures, graphs, and equations harder to read. I have never seen an international version of Artin's book so I don't know if this is an issue for that title.
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    Re: Algebra between US and international edition !!

    Thank You very much , you Have Gaven me lot's of information I didn't know before !

    I think that I'll get the US edition not the international one ..
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