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Alien vs Predator

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    Why the predator and alien can existed together in Egypt long time ago?
    Why the pyramid still existed , wasn't it destroyed by an explosion when the predator was defeated?

    Why the girl was not killed by predator?
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    Dunno, never saw this movie.
    Because the Predator had good morals! :rofl:
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    Boulder, that's not fair !!! Yes, Saint has incensed a bunch of us folks here, but surely we must treat each new thread on its merit. <just as 'judo' deserved a swift chop>
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    You are only saying this so that we will be fooled into believing that you know what movie he is talking about.
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    I know what movie it is... the name's in the thread title. I saw an ad for the movie (AvP) and immediately made my decision...but with a name like that, it really couldn't have shown anything that was likely to change my mind.
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    Shaq vs Jordan

    I have not seen the movie, but I imagine that they can very well destroy the pyramids in the movie : it is sci-fi anyway :rolleyes: They don`t care the pyramids are actually standing today, because anything is possible in sci-fi.

    The pyramids have been rebuilt by an extraterrestrial basketball team from slightly to the left of Orion. That team came on earth to defeat the great Dream Team of M. Jordan. Unfortunately, the pilot (which for all purposes we can safely assume had the physical appearance of the Shaq) sneaked to the restrooms with one of the Cheerleaders while the ship was in the vicinity of a Godel rotating black-hole. The movements resulting in the bathroom made the ship fall into the black-hole. Fortunately now we know that information is not lost in black holes, so the Saturn Universe Trotters came to the rescue of Alien-Shaq`s team, and they finally recover from the black-hole accident, yet in the Middle-Ages from a terrestrial point of view. That is how they came to rebuilt the pyramids, anyway Jordan would not be born before long.

    This is part two of the movie, coming out this summer ! :biggrin:
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    The original Alien appeared in a film by the same author( of Alien), called Dark-Star..only those who have seen the deep 'sexual innuendo, overtones' from Alien will understand the true meaning of Hollywood Films.

    In case those are wondering, Dark-Star was panned by Hollywood Critics as being totally unfunny(film was released as a comedy with dark human satire) , which prompted The Author to make a film they definatly would not find funny, thus Alien was born. After which the Author give some insights to the sexual innuendo's littered throughout the film, he had the last laugh so to speak, Dark-Star has become one of the most sought after Sci-fi cult films.

    His son I believe had some success with a TV Sci-fi programme, name escapes me :cool:

    Dan O' Bannon was his name:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069945/

    some trivia:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069945/trivia

    gave links
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    jimmy p

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    Dont ruin the story it hasnt come out here yet!!
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    Are you sure I seen it on DVD over a week ago?
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    jimmy p

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    Uh... yeah.... i think. It was being advertised in Odeon.
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    Well it may not have been a bonafide DVD :wink: , but I had seen it..the future is always here :devil:
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    You are quite right to rebuke me, so with tail tucked between hind legs and head hung low, I look for something to crawl under. :tongue:
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    first i'd like to say the movie was stupid, i did not want to see it, my boyfriend dragged me along, don't waste your money its dumb... anyways...

    1) they existed together a long time ago at the same time because the predators created the aliens. it wasn't egypt either, it was the same place where the pyramid was, just that way back then the continent was in a warmer location but tectonic plates moved it away. The predators were hunters from some other planet who used earth has a hunting ground. They created an ultimate species that they would hunt in order to prove themselves as hunters. Humans we're used as incubators.

    2)apparently the explosion didn't destroy it. i dunno it was a crappy movie, plot holes were inevitable. How about the fact that the predators were supposed to some sort of advanced race, and yet the act exactly like primitive humans were their testerone driven hunt in order to prove their manhood? lame.

    3) they didn't kill the dumb girl because she proved herself to be a mighty hunter by killing one of the aliens. when she did that it showed that she was worthy or something. then she and the predator join up to destroy the rest of the aliens, because thats what the hunters do....

    it was a dumb movie, there was a ton of plot holes. mostly is was an excuse to watch computer animated scary things destroy eachother and a couple of humans along the way.

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    the movie is in cinema now. go and watch it
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