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Geometry Alternative to SL Loney's Coordinate Geometry

  1. Mar 21, 2017 #1

    In India, SL Loney's Elements of Coordinate Geometry is very popular for entrance examinations. I wanted to refresh my coordinate geometry, so tried reading through the book. But I found that the language used is old. I found myself referring to current material on the topic to properly understand what the author is saying. Does anybody know modern alternative book on coordinate geometry that would cover the same depth ? Please suggest both free and non-free material.

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  3. Mar 22, 2017 #2
    If you want it for entrance exams then I think Cengage or Arihant's entrance exam books on coordinate will suit your need.
  4. Mar 22, 2017 #3
    No you can't find any new books on Coordinate geometry. You can find coordinate geometry in calculus books.

    (Ok there are some books but they are not worth reading as compared to SL Loney.)
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  5. Mar 22, 2017 #4
    Buffu, so what are Calculus books which cover substantial Coordinate Geometry ? Mastermind01, thanks for input.
  6. Mar 22, 2017 #5
    It depends on how much you need. You don't need much analytical geometry for EE.
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