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An egg gravity center

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    i have an assinment that requries puting an egg directly on it gravity center.
    1. how can i find it`s gravity center?
    2. do you think of and way that i could do it (maybe make some kind of pocket, of a machine?)


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    how about spinning it like a top?

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    How about just letting it sit on the counter? The center of gravity is inside the egg, so, it is always "on its gravity center."
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    good ideads but....

    the real problem that i need to take the egg that hangs in the air (connected to a sting) and put it directly on a small call that the center gravity will be in the middle (without human intervntion).
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    center of gravity of an egg

    nautica suggests spinning the egg... but that wouldn't give you anything wud it? besides spinning's got more to do with center of mass (rotational motion). A way to find center of gravity is to suspend it by a thread (like someone mentioned) tied around the egg so that the egg hangs symmetrically about the circle formed by the thread around it. You do this 2 ways... first when the egg is hanging straight (the way they are kept in the box. Second way would be to hang it perpendicular to the previous position (the way it stays when you place it on the table). OK>>> that gives another idea.... just place the egg on the table and it'll automatically rest on a point just below the center of gravity. Once the egg stops moving (upon placing it on the table), just note the point at which it's touching the table. The center of gravity will be just above that point half way to a diametrically opposite point.
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    Right good idea, spinning the egg.

    But try this (using a raw egg). Let it first get into equilibrium resting on the table. Then turn it upside down, rotating it 180 degrees around the longitudinal axis (so don't put it neither on it's pointy end nor on its blunt end). Get a marker and put an x on the heavy top part. Now spin it and see what the x is doing. And we observate that contrary to a spinning top, the egg turns itself back, heavy side down, during the spinning.
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