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Homework Help: An electrons acceleration. Please check my answer

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    An electrons acceleration. Please check my answer!!

    Multiple-Concept Example 3 provides some pertinent background for this problem. Suppose a single electron orbits about a nucleus containing two protons (+2e), as would be the case for a helium atom from which one of the naturally occuring electrons is removed. The radius of the orbit is 3.09 x 10-11 m. Determine the magnitude of the electron's centripetal acceleration.

    Multiple-Concept Example 3 tells you that the electron mass is 9.11 x 10 ^ -31 kg.

    I know what I have to do...

    First, use Coulomb's law to find the Force. Then, divide by mass to find the acceleration. But the answer Im getting is HUGE.

    This is what I found....

    F= 4.82 x 10 ^ 7

    Then, a= 5.29 x 10 ^ 23.

    But, Im told that is the wrong answer. Please help!!
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    Hi Miss1nik2! :smile:
    erm … you have 10 ^ 23 x 10 ^ -30 = 10 ^ 7 :redface:
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