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B An interesting phenomena with light I experienced

  1. Jun 3, 2016 #1
    I was drinking coffee at a roadhouse and looked out the window. I observed a lake and a cloudy sky. While I had the cup on my mouth and blew in it, naturally there was condensation on the glass (I wear eye glasses). When I looked out through the window I experienced something interesting. For a few seconds I could see the lake and the sky as in a blue filter (Like the one you put on instagram or Photoshop). I thought it might just be a random anomaly in the eyes. But every time I repeated my little " experiment" I got the same result every time. Heaven and the lake was blue.

    What really happened?

    A hypothesis I had was that the light from the sun had multiple breaking points on the way to my eyes: The cloudy sky, the grey lake, the window in which I looked through and my eye glasses which were full with condense.
    I might be wrong, I'm no physicist just a construction worker (For now..)

    Please excuse my grammar and English (I have talked English the majority of my life. But I'm still learning. Swedish is my first language)
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    I'm not too sure, only guessing. Maybe the small droplets of water on your glasses caused Rayleigh scattering, causing the light to appear bluish.
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