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An objective book about macroeconomics?

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    I want to find a book about economics (especially that focus on economic growth) that is objective as possible. I don't want to read a book based in an ideology like libertarianism or socialism, because it'd be biased and filled with half-truths. I realize this may not be easy in economics, but perhaps anyone knows of any good one?
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    I don't know about a focus on economic growth, but if you want a book that presents a balanced view of different different schools of macroeconomics, try Landsburg and Feinstone's economics book.
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    The reality is the there are different schools of thought in econ, and widely divergent schools in macro. To say nothing of the current upheaval in macro, revealing how little true consensus there is.

    Don't look for one book, look for books. Study Friedman, Hayek, Lucas, Keynes, etc. Study the history of economic thought.

    Two books I suggest are "New Ideas From Dead Economists," by Bucholz, and "Classical Economics Reconsidered" by Sowell.

    Also, there is an economist named Arnold Kling who studied under Solow. He describes himself as "the world's only libertarian Keynesian" and he writes a lot about what's wrong with current macro(he knows tons about it, after all). His blog is good reading, even if you don't agree with everything.
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