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Homework Help: Analysing a pulley block system

  1. Apr 17, 2012 #1
    A pulley is mounted at the edge of a table.
    A block is connected to an identical block through the pulley(assumed to be weightless)by a weightless in-extensible thread of length 2l. The left block rests on the table at a distance l from the edge (where the pulley is mounted) while the right block is kept at the same level(not on the table, outside) so that the thread is just taut and does not sag, and then released.

    Can we analyze this system completely,that is, write the equations of motion for both the blocks
    As a function of a specific variable. Any help is appreciated.the extensive description was due to the unavailability of the diagram.

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    Start by writing down the forces on each block.
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