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Analytical solution for bound state energies of infinite well

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    Hi there
    I am trying to find bound state energies assuming infinite potential. I have been told it can be done by analytically solving Right Hand Side and Left Hand Side of an equation such as:
    E^1/2 tan(2ma^2E/4hbar)^1/2 = (V0-E)^1/2
    If solved properly, it should give one curve (RHS), crossed by several LHS curves. Intersection points are the answers I am looking for. Each intersection corresponds to one n. I am wondering if it can be done by Matlab or Mathematica? Sorry if it is too basic :)
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    That doesn't specify what the potential is! Assuming infinite potential where?

    Also you can't solve RHS and LHS of an equation, you solve the equation itself!!!

    Your explanations are inadequate and unclear!
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    Do you mean the finite or the infinite potential well?
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