Anisotropy of cold rolled aluminium

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Sorry for my poor english.
I did tensile test of aluminium(purity more than 99%. 1000series). The three specimens had tensile directions of 0, 45, and 90 degrees for each rolling direction. strength(both yield and UTS)is higher degree closer 0 degree. and %elongation is too. but modulus of elasticity is 45 degree is highest, and 90 degree is next. How can I explain this? I think it is depends on grain shape. grains of cold rolled metal is looks like a long stick.
I searched book and internet, but they don't explain specific reason, and all of them is different experiment result from mine. especially, there are many case in that reverse on my result, or if strength is high, elongation is low.
All specimens appear to be extremely hardened(necking was started just after yield, and elongation is 4~9%) but their strength and modulus of elasticity is very lower than pure aluminium's properties in book(UTS 50~20 MPa, E 5~9 GPa).
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It may be difficult to find open access journal articles on the subject or an the particular 1000 series alloy.

I did find the following:

Anisotropic tensile ductility of cold-rolled and annealed aluminum alloy sheet and the beneficial effect of post-anneal rolling
"The poor ductility of recovery-annealed specimens tested at 45° with respect to the rolling direction could be attributed to a strong rolling texture and the flow localization associated with intense shear banding, which was triggered by the yielding phenomenon."

Influence of Cold Rolling and Annealing on the Tensile Properties of Aluminum 7075 Alloy (Open access)

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