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Another problem, voltage characteristic in a diode circuit

  1. Aug 1, 2007 #1
    Good morning lovely people !

    As I got some really helpful advice here yesterday i though i'd try it again, hopefully you haven't yet had too much from me (-:

    So my question is concerning the attached PDF file (Last problem #3)

    i am asked to find the current I_B in 3a) and 3c) but to my very low understanding wouldnt it simply be Vi/Ri (Ohms Law) ??

    Thanks for the patience :smile:

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    try kvl. looks like its a bjt (just zoomed in). factor in diode drop, Vi, etc etc
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    Thanx but ...

    do you mind explaining a little bit more, i'm kinda newbie (-:
    whats a bjt ?
    thanks for the patience:cool:
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    Tried KVL on the most left handside mesh.
    Im not sure its right though ...

    i guessed V_Ri + V_B = V_i then substitute V_B=0.65V (pretty sure its a bad guess) and V_i=1V (Which is given)

    Yeilds I_Ri=I_B= 93.75 microA ??? makes sence ?
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