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Ansys frictional contact - convergence problem

  1. Apr 29, 2014 #1
    Hi, I am writing to you to ask for help.
    I have a problem with the contact "Frictional". I'll show you screenshots of my settings and program the console errors. Everything will be shown in the screenshots. The problem is that between the beams and the top element and the bottom element is Frictional which causes a lack of convergence. I do not know how to deal with all of this, especially since this is a problem in my thesis. I need to find out what are the internal forces in the joints of these elements.

    Model presents powered support, and support beams represent an extreme variant of contact with rocks.

    here are screens:
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    I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?
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    As a first step you can try bonding the contacts instead of frictional. If results look ok...then you might switch on the frictional settings. Try "weak springs" option while attempting a frictional run...
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    when i use bonded contact everythink looks ok. i get results, anyone happy. but... could it be "update stiffness" set on "never" cause the problem with convergence ? i will try set "update stiffness" to "each iteration" and will see if it works.
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    how to change integration function to full integration ? is this about changing frictional to bonded ?
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    I'm not on as much as I would like these days, but I just randomly stopped by and saw this post. In case you haven't received the feedback you need, I'll give you the same advice I've posted in the past:

    Generally speaking a lot of this advice is relevant to you as well. Split your problem into lots of small substeps (or even outright load steps), make sure the contacts updates every substep, and pay close attention to your boundary conditions. Good luck.
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    Hi, thanks for your all replies, i found a way to converge - i add normal stiffness with 0,1 value to all contacts, even to bonded. I really dont knew if it was exactly this setting because i change a lot other values, but i think it was the certain setting. Thans again a lot!
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