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ANSYS Workbench: Plane Strain Problem

  1. Dec 24, 2013 #1
    I have an assembly of two 2D surfaces. I modelled it on SolidWorks however, I could not import it to Ansys in any format. I tried SLDASM, Step and IGES. I tried modelling the same on Workbench modeller. However, I could not figure out a way to model 2D assemblies on the modeller.

    Can someone please help me sort out the problem?

    Is there a PDF available online that gives steps to do 2D assembly modelling on ANSYS workbench and also gives steps to run a plane strain analysis.

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  3. Dec 26, 2013 #2
    Is there an option when importing the IGES file to specify if the geometry is a solid or a surface?
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