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Ants inmune to microwave.

  1. Aug 24, 2010 #1
    I've read many stories of ants being inmune to microwave, and also of coakroches being very resistive to X-rays and heavy radiation. My first thought was that ants have little water content, but that doesnt sound right because most animal have plenty of water. So instead I maybe wondered that because ants are smaller than the standing waves, it 'skips' the ant. But again, this doesnt sound right because water molecules are definitely smaller and get heated up by the waves. So anybody knows the actual reason?
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    the microwaves in the owen are standing waves. as a result, some sections are heated and others are not. This is why you have a turn table, it is to ensure that all the food passes through the hot section. If you have ever placed food in a microwave with a broken turntable, you will notice there are sections of hot and cold. I suspect that the turn table was removed or otherwise not working. This would allow certain ants that start out in a cold spot to stay in the cold spot while the microwave was in operation (ants can sense heat) but if the ants were placed in a fully working microwave, they would sadly be roasted.
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