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Any alternative article websites for students/teens?

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    Any alternative "article" websites for students/teens?


    I've been really interested in writing articles and discussing topics in general and special relativity (and also a bit of quantum physics). I've even written some of my own how ever i cant find any website or magazine that would offer me the chance to get my articles posted.

    Im not looking for a job, just for a place where i can learn by experience. So if even this forum has a section (this very section maybe?) please redirect me to it.

    Also note that im not a PhD professor, just a normal high schooler who has done quite a bit of book reading and doesn't mind explaining some complex idea in a bit more "casual" and simpler terms.

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    Re: Any alternative "article" websites for students/teens?

    If you want to discuss details of SR and GR, you can do it here. If you want to write essays and publish them somewhere, the simplest option is probably just to start a blog at some blog site. Note that the rules of this forum doesn't allow personal speculation, but you can always post an explanation you've written and ask if it's correct.
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    Re: Any alternative "article" websites for students/teens?

    Hey, I was thinking about a blog, and maybe see if it could be featured somewhere.
    And ofcourse this website is great for confirming ideas with the actual theory.

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