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Any recommendations on Physics education?

  1. Aug 14, 2016 #1
    Unfortunately, I was never taught proper physics in my high school, but I have always had an interest in the subject. Do you guys have any recommendations for books/textbooks, courses, online material, etc. for understanding physics at a basic and deeper understanding?
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    Enroll in university in pursuit of a physics degree. If your grades aren't good enough to be accepted anywhere, go to community college first.
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    Oh, I should've mentioned I am going to pursue a career in astronomy and physics, but I am currently 17 and have yet to graduate high school. My high school physics class was a joke, and I am really just wanting to learn physics before I head off to college.
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    Maybe not enough time between now and when you enter college. If you are advanced with Mathematics, then maybe dual enrollment might be possible, but the most likely course of Physics for you at the community college would be either Elementary Physics, or the beginning Mechanics course for Physics 1 for the science & engineering students. The first one requires Intermediate Algebra and s little Trigonometry. The second one requires through first semester Calculus and more Trigonometry.
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    The best thing you can do right now is to learn calculus. Calculus makes physics so much easier and more elegant. Once you know derivatives and basic integration, you can do physics in this new light.
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    I have plenty of time. I have finished all my high school credit hours, but instead of graduating early, I am going to be applying to many colleges throughout this year and will be doing dual enrollment. Dual enrollment was how I got finished so quickly. I am self-taught in most things I do, so if you guys have any textbooks or online material you recommend, that would be appreciated.
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