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Anybody tried solving Riemann Hypothesis?

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    Just wondering if any of the posters seriously tried solving Riemann Hypothesis. And if yes, then what kinds of problems did you run into?
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    I came up with a really good proof of it, but I was doing it in the margin of a paper and I ran out of room, so I couldn't write it down.
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    You said it all wrong. :tongue2:
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    My prof. said, "Oh yeah, third time is the charm."
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    If ya want a good source for -info- on the Riemann Hypothesis, check http://www.math.ubc.ca/~pugh/RiemannZeta/RiemannZetaLong.html" [Broken] As I'm not as advanced as I'd like to even be able to read that, I'm 90% sure that's a very good source for the info, as well as the Java Applet :approve:

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    This is unrelated, but one every one of my exam booklets (the math department use the same booklets for every course), in front, written boldface, are the words "do not write in the margin". I wonder if some prankster did something in any of the previous years that caused them to print that:rofl:
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    A less glamorous option is that they may use the space for marking purposes.

    I started to prove RH by showing one by one all the zeros were on the critical line. I showed the first 5 were, then my crayon broke and I had to give up.
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    Well, that's no fun.
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    i was waiting at my school's bus station when i came up with a proof, but unfortunately my bus was leaving & i couldn't write it down in time.
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    my dog ate my proof.
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    Actually, that was me. Sorry.
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