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Aerospace Anyone have (or know where to get) Pt6a engine deck?

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    Does anyone know where to get an engine deck for a pt6a. I know a lot of that information is proprietary but i need one nevertheless. For those of you who don't know what an engine deck is. It gives you thrust specific fuel consumption and power lapse (thrust lapse is for a turbojet and a pt6a is a turboprop) for various altitudes, mach numbers, and throttle settings. I am in Aircraft Design and this is killing me.

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    If you mean the same as what we used to call "performance decks", the only official place to get them is the engine manufacturer. Pratt & Whitney Canada are still advertising the pt6a so if you have a legitimate need I would contact them directly.

    NB the PWC website says there are "more than 65 models" of the engine with a wide range of power outputs, so your request will be more credible if you can be specific about what you actually want (and why you want it.)
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