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Anyone know whats like teaching at a community college?

  1. May 24, 2013 #1
    particularly in math or physics?

    what's the pay?
    full time, part time.
    do they work year round?
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    can a moderator please move this thread to the career guidance forum?
    obviously not much luck here.
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    At least in California state employee information is public domain. Check community college websites.
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    Here's a chart of average faculty salaries in the US. Most community college jobs start out hiring at the 'lecturer' level, with a masters or PhD.


    So not much. That's the average; many pay less than that. If you're part-time (adjunct) you'd make less than half of that, usually without benefits (like health care and retirement). Most give full time faculty the option of teaching over the summer (for extra pay) but don't require it.
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