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Anyone read The Three Body Problem?

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    It's the best science fiction novel from my country for now. First long Chinese sci-fi novel translated into English. Written by an "electrician" as we call him, but Liu Cixin(刘慈欣) was actually an software engineer, that worked at a power plant.
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    Perhaps you could tell us what the book is about.
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    This book is about an alien invasion. They are from a planet 4 light-years away that has 3 suns. And due to the nature of 3 body dynamic, their planet orbit is not stable. Thus they want to take Earth.
    It would take 400 years for them to actually get here. But they managed to communicate with Earth and some human choose to help them to conquer Earth. There are reviews on https://www.amazon.com/The-Three-Body-Problem-Cixin-Liu/dp/0765377063
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    Based on the reviews, more interesting than last Hugo winner... What could you tell about the book with your own words?
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    This book has some very brilliant ideas embedded in it, and its pro-science.
    It's dark, and has a very realistic approach toward human nature. But on the other hand, the alien race to invade Earth is described in such an empathetic way, that their invasion feels understandable.
    Unlike most novel, this book does not center around characters, the main role in this book only serve as a vitness, you can imaging him to be yourself. While other characters make the history happen. And it's the fate of Earth and Human civilization, instead of the fate of any particular characters, that's at the center of the spotlight. (You can call this a Chinese characteristic, this kind of world view is probably the core of Chinese collectivism.)
    As for the physics, this author has no understanding in quantum entanglement. He thought it could enable faster than light data transmission. Most people in this forum would probably know better.
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    That isnt that good, well written, deep characters give much to the story. But i accept, that certain stories rather focus on the big things instead of individual characters.

    If that is the only magitech meant to serve the story, i'm pretty fine with it. :) (Although i guess the aliens also want to open some kind of wormhole to Earth, still not anything unacceptable to me.)
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    The novel didn't mention any wormholes, and the story in the second book kind of relies on no faster than light (FTL) travel. And the author doesn't seem to believe in time travel, which is equivalent with FTL in special relativity.
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    I thought the aliens communicate with Earth, so their collaborants can help them open a wormhole.
    If they can get here in a reasonable time without such things, where the actions of humans do a difference?
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    Their fleet is due to arrive in 400 years. The first book is mainly about the contact with this alien spices. The second book is about how humanity deals with the fate of being invaded in 400 years, which includes the preparation for war, and all kinds of political struggle stuff. And the third book, which is currently being translated, is about how both the alien homeworld and the Earth are doomed due to the failure of mutual assured destruction.
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    So that is the ending, everyone is doomed? Or they will live a nomadic life on ships after?
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    Humanity survived, but not many. The doomsday were to be brought upon humanity due to numerous mistakes, and those mistakes were to be made due to many different ideologies.
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    Thanks. :) I'm looking forward to see it translated in my country.
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