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Apparent violation of kirchoff's law of thermal radiation

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    suppose there are two bodies A and B with emissive powers e1 and e2 respectively and with absorptive powers a1 and a2 respectively... now both bodies are at the same temperature T. Hence e1/a1 = e2/a2 = const by kirchoff's law.
    for the body A, energy emitted is e1 and energy gained is a1e2. now as both of them are in thermal equilibrium at T,energy emitted minus gained must be zero. But then e1=a1e2 is in violation with the above equation of kirchoff's law. Where have i gone wrong???
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    The absorbance and emissivity of a body in thermal equilibrium must be the same. So if understand your notation you have that a1=e1 and a2=e2.
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