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Applications of electromagnetic radiation

  1. Jul 1, 2013 #1
    I’m searching for a book about the applications of electromagnetic radiation. A more specific topic I’m interested in is radio antennas but I’m searching for a book concerning more than 3 different applications (eg X-rays, microwave ovens and radio antennas). It should include equations and the difficulty should be appropriate for a 2nd year physics student (at a UK university). I’d be happy with any appropriate suggestion.
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    Thanks, ZapperZ.
    Could you please post a link about any specific application of synchrotron light sources?
    Also could you suggest any book about this and other applications of electromagnetic radiation?
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    I wonder if you can think of any useful device that doesn't use electromagnetic radiation in some form. The number of applications of electromagnetic radiation are enormous.
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    I agree with that but could you please propose any specific book about any application?
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