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Homework Help: Applications of Motion Geometry

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    This is my first post on Physics Forums, so yay to that. :-D

    I have a project to do on Motion Geometry. I've gotten adequate information for most of my project. But, now, I require the applications of Motion Geometry, particularly that of rotation (I seem to have some information or the other about the rest). Most of it is common life examples, such as translation of an image to produce a pattern, rotation of a wheel etc.

    However, I'm unable to effectively write all of it down. Could somebody help me? I'm trying to write about how rotation in motion geometry (which is rotation of a point or multiple points about a fixed point) can be seen in daily life instances such as the rotation of a wheel about its axle, the rotation of the earth about its axis etc. However, would there be any suggested way to represent my information so that it sounds slightly more technical? I couldn't find any links on Google either (I searched for everything - "Applications of Rotation", "Instances of Rotation", "Rotation Uses", but to no avail), so links would also help me.

    Help would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to PF!

    Hail RoH! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    To make it look technical, I suggest you use words or phrases like "angular velocity" "angular momentum" "torque" and "axis".

    And "gearing", if you're including cog-wheels. :wink:

    But there's no real reason why it should look technical. Physics is about reality, and reality is pretty simple (at least it is where I come from), so maybe the description should be simple too? :smile:
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