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Applying for Engineering Science or an University program in Canada

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    Hi, i'm a new member to this forum and i want to clear up my understandings about applying to an University program. My first choice is Engineering Science in UoFT and my current marks are 92 in Physics, 88 math, 88 chem, 50 in english and so on. I am in grade 11 and i just had a revelation

    Hi, I'm a new member to this forum and i want to clear up my understandings about applying to University programs ( in Canada, I suppose). My top choice is Engineering Science in UoFT. My current marks are 92% in 11 physics, 88% in 11 chem, 50% in 11 English and am well aware that my current marks will not get me into my top choice. I am planning to stay back a year (because of my rough start in my early high school years) and am wondering if my grade 12 marks will mask my grade 11 marks and under. If i have around 9 grade 12 courses before i apply to University, how much will my other grades affect my chances of applying?

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    They may use grade 11 marks for early admission.
    After March/April, they use your top 6 university levels courses only.
    You will need a minimum 70% in all pre-req courses to qualify.

    If you plan on grad school, I would reconsider what school you should go to. UofT keeps their GPA lower than any other schools, putting you at a disadvantage for grad school.

    Year to year entering averages are posted in the OUAC website. There's a link on the front page called CUDO (common university data), where you can check year to year entering averages.
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    "92 in Physics, 88 math, 88 chem, 50 in english"

    Um... with the exception of your english grade (they may require you to write the ELPE), those seem like very good grades. I don't really see the problem.
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    Except for English, your marks are fine.

    If you have evidence that the GPA of U of T students is any different from the GPA of students at Canadian universities drawing from a similar pool of students - then please post it.
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    Well according to a booklet, about 40% of the undergraduates from this course go into graduate school; so I'm not very worried about it.
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    40% is not particularly good. Anywhere from 80-100% of physics grads at my school go to graduate school.
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    Well, it's not a physics program, it's like an "honours" engineering program, so I guess that's why a lot of people go into the work force. Also, most of the 40% get into top tier graduate schools like MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, etc. (or that's what they tell us in the info booklets atleast).

    I got into EngSci at the University of Toronto, and am extremely excited to be going there! I hope you can get the same chance as well!

    As far as I know, the EngSci program at UofT, does not look at grade 11 marks. They want your interim grade 12 marks around February-March. That, and the SPF (student profile form), is what they base your admission on. I don't really know how much of an impact an SPF has on your admission though.
  9. Oct 27, 2008 #8
    Lower class grades dont matter at all for applying to University, ie grade 9 and 10. You'll soon realize this when you will know how to use OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre). Only grade 11 and 12 marks matter, esp. grade 12.

    Grade 11 is just a formality. All 1st batch of Engineering Science offers are released simultaneously, NO EARLY OFFERS in 2008 admissions.
    Your marks dont seem to be a problem, except for English marks, you gotta IMPROVE that!!!! Even 70 would do !!!

    And you dont need 9(?!?!?!?!?) courses in grade 12. Just take 7, including English, they need only 6. Just take 7, that includes 1 backup incase you get low marks on one!!!

    Keep your grade 12 avg. of at least 88, preferably 90. One of my classmates got w/ 70 in English!!!!! so dont worry on English much !!

    Regarding Engineering Science, let me warn you, its no fun at all!!!!!

    Engineering Science has 50% dropout rate within 1st year!!!!!! Class of 350 ends up being of 170 at end of year2. And most of them, had avg of 90% or above in high school. Reason is that they are just used to memorizing stuff not understand it!!!
    Also, it has a rigorous course load of 7 courses per semester. I doubt if any undergrad engineering or other program has that high course load in entire Canada. Thats about 31 hours of classes per week !!!! No one, not even med school has that high number of hours of classes I guess!! So my pick, make an intelligent choice!!!!

    Case :: I have a guy in my class, who was offered admission to MIT (Yes, MIT) but opted to attend EngSci and now he's struggling in 30s. No need to mention that he got 90s in high school.
    Key point, high school marks wont matter much (only after you get in!!!!).
    Regarding low GPA, yes, GPA is comparatively lower, reason???
    Reason is that, everyone attending EngSci has avg of 88-98 while entering from high school. Now, faculty would be kicked out if class avg is 93%. So, whole class is 'Zoomed' in that range, and a new class avg is obtained. However, class avg is 75% which is still good and mantar is to be above 10% of class avg and if you do that, you are KING OF THE WORLD!!!!

    Main info on EngSci: Its not about memorizing stuff, its about how well you can UNDERSTAND the course, even for Bio course, its more of understanding than memorizing.
  10. Dec 21, 2009 #9
    hi, i'm new here, and your case seems to match mine...except that i'm in grade 12...i've got 89 for my average in grade 12 and i'm currently applying for the U of T for mechanical engineering...on the second thought, i also think about taking engineering science but people advise me not to take it except if your average marks is 90+...they said that engineering science in the U of T is the toughest course in Canada...anyway how far is this true?...thank for anybody who can help ...
  11. Dec 21, 2009 #10
    If you think that Engineering Science, or EngSci as we call it, is the toughest undergraduate course in Canada; then you are damn true!!!!

    I am done 3 semesters now and can feel the heat here!! The thing that makes it tough is the student quality out here! If all students score 90s or high 80s in High School, Professors need to set it up tough for students.

    But overall, pain pays for it; because Universities and Industry knows that if you are an EngSci; you have passed the litmus.
    I`d definitely encourage you to apply to EngSci. Of course, if you dont find it comfortable, you can always switch to Mech Eng without any academic penalty, provided you don`t score below the minimum!!

    Happy Holidays!
  12. Dec 21, 2009 #11
    Thank you, sonani_deepak...but i don't know that we can always change courses...anyway, is the U of T is a good engineering school that has excellent hands on experience?...

    Besides...for the first year in the U of T, it says that we will chose our major in the second year...but is it allowed for us to change courses?...anyway...what will our degree looks like if we switch courses like that?...

    By the way, if there is no issue, what major are you taking?...

    Thank you...and nice to meet you also...
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