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Applying for grad school, do I need to send transcripts from Dual Cred HS class?

  1. Aug 23, 2009 #1
    I'm applying for graduate schools (3 of them) and obviously I need to send my undergrad transcripts. But they do say all post secondary education. I took dual credit classes in High School that I got Longview community college credit and UMKC credit for. Do I need to list this these colleges in my application and send transcripts?

    It'll be much more hassle, and I don't see why they'd care, but I don't want to get caught screwing anything up. Anyone have experience with this?
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    When I applied to math grad school, I did not include in my transcript dual credit classes I took in high school. No school cared except for Ohio State. You are correct that no one judging your application will care, but the problem would arise when the grad school (not the individual department) requires all the paperwork. I agree that sending your dual credit high school transcripts is a hassle, so my advice to you is to only send it to Ohio State if you are applying there. I suppose you could call the schools you are applying to and ask about their policies on the matter, too.
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