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Applying to Grad School and GRE - Deadlines

  1. Feb 8, 2010 #1
    I'm an Australian law/science undergraduate. I finish my degree at the end of this year and was hoping to apply for Grad School in the US to study Physics in 2011.

    As I understand it, the key requirements are the general GRE, physics GRE and the actual applications to the universities. I have been doing some preliminary research, but am somewhat concerned about missing the relevant deadlines, so I just had a few questions.

    Firstly is it correct that for 2011 intake, the university applications are generally due in December-January?

    Also I was thinking of taking the GREs around August-October this year, but is this too late?

    Finally has anyone else on these forums sat the GRE exams in Australia? I've found the process of organising where and when to take the exams confusing.

    Thanks for any help
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    the first thing you should know is that subject gres are only given a few times a year (read: 3), and that you have to register for one more than a month in advance.

    i believe the three test dates are in april, october and november. if you take it in november, you can expect the scores to go out to your grad schools around december 17th or so. your schools will most likely wait for your supplementary materials beyond the application deadline, so this is alright. if you take the test in october, you should get your scores back & sent out before december. you are right about the deadlines. admission in fall 2011 = application in december 2010.

    i missed the registration for the chemistry gre and had to show up for standby testing. after they had waited to the normal starting time, they let me in because there were 2 empty desks at that point. if a few more psychology majors had showed up for their subject gre, i probably would not have been allowed to take the test, so i lucked out
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