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Quantum Appropriate pre requisites for quantum field theory?

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    I have just finished working through Jackson's Electrodynamics and Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics and was wondering if this was sufficient background for me to start studying qft. Also, would Weinberg's Books be a good place to dive in given my background or is there are a more suitable text. Specifically, I am looking for a book that doesn't gloss over details, is complete and up to date.

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    Jackson+Sakurai is a very good basis to start QFT. Although Weinberg's books are IMHO the best ones written on QFT, I'd not recommend to start with them, because they are going in very much detail, which you'll appreciate more when you know what QFT is all about. My favorite as an introductory book is

    Schwartz, M. D.: Quantum field theory and the Standard Model, Cambridge University Press, 2014

    Then there are two books that I also like very much and from which I learnt the subject some years ago

    Ryder, L. H.: Quantum Field Theory, 2 edition, Cambridge University Press, 1996
    Bailin, D., Love, A.: Introduction to Gauge Field Theory, Adam Hilger, 1986
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