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I Approximate a plane E&M wave with this large sum...

  1. Apr 8, 2017 #1
    I would like to approximate a plane electromagnetic wave with a very large sum of the following.

    Let an infinite line, say the z axis, have a electric polarization on that line and perpendicular to that line, say the x direction to be specific given by,

    P(z,t) = pcos(kz-ωt). The polarization is a function of both space and time. Now let there be a uniform density of such lines in all space all parallel to one another, all in phase, and with them all polarized in the x direction. Will such a construction approximate the electric and magnetic fields of plane E&M wave?

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    I just cannot understand the question. How can we have polarisation on that line and also perpendicular to it?
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    Just imagine at each point of the line a polarization vector that is also perpendicular to the line. Polarization is charge times a distance, just imagine the distance is very small, as small as you wish with charge increased so that distance times charge is a constant. Let the distance be of order the string length in string theory, that is pretty damn small.

    Sorry for the confusion.
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