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APS Meetings - General or Undergrad Session?

  1. Dec 23, 2014 #1
    I hope this is the appropriate thread (I am a new user)--I figured any thread may be full of people who attend the APS meetings.
    I did a summer REU program, and my advisors want me to submit an abstract to the APS April meeting. I just found out there is an undergraduate session, but that undergraduates can submit to the general session as well-- Not sure which one they had in mind.
    My question is: Is it common for undergraduates to do oral presentations in the general session at an APS meeting? Or is that mostly the ones who made an accelerator in their basement and found dark matter in their spare time?
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    I've done poster presentations at APS April and SEASAPS as an undergrad in 2014; but other undergrads from my school went to the meetings to do oral presentations. One of my friends did her research on RF cavities for particle accelerators at Argonne and she gave an oral presentation about that, she did it at SEASAPS though. I think you would have more luck getting undergrad research into an oral presentation at one of the smaller meetings (APS April is huge), but you never know. You could contact APS directly and see what they say.
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