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Are computer science jobs boring?

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    Hello! I am very interested in mathematics and computer science, especially theoretical computer science.

    Do people with a bachelors degree in computer science have boring jobs? Is it just mindless programming or are they involved with software design? Are they boring/bad jobs?
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    My degree is in math and from my experience working in IT consulting (not so much programming for me, more biz side), I think it's likely to be like any other profession where you have to work your way into a position that is more creative and that may take a couple years. My guess would be that unless it's a startup then you may find yourself doing some tedious stuff. I'm not a programmer, but I would think even mindless programming would be more enjoyable to a true programmer than not doing any programming at all. I could be wrong.

    I sometimes wish I had done computer science, not so much to be a programmer, but so that I had more of a foundationg going into IT consulting. I don't think all cs majors want to program and I don' thtink there's anything wrong with that. If you have strong communication skills, are business savvy, then you can do pretty well in certain areas of IT without having to do any code.
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    Isn't IT THE MOST BORING THING IN THE WORLD? You literally just trouble shoot a computer's problem.
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    I'm a SW engineer at a defense company. Because they are so into standards, you spend 20% of your time programming and 80% documenting your code and work. Before that position, I spent 90% of my time programming at very casual company.

    Yes you do mindless programming throughout the entire day, but you do get to interact with your customer for requirements. Most software designers started out as programmers. But 95% of my work at my company, our software designers are our customers. We just make it to what they want it to do and how it looks.
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    What a bizarre question to ask. You must know that different people find different things interesting. What is 'mindless programming' to you will be a dream job to someone else. You should have asked: "what are jobs with computer science like?" - then people could tell you what they do and you could work out for yourself whether or not it would be interesting to you.
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    What kind of education do you have? Can you become a software engineer / designer with a computer science degree? What's the best way to get there?
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