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Are Mobile Phones Safe?

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    Are Mobile Phones Safe??????

    There seems to be a lot of controversies around the safety of mobile phones, for instance the radiation and heating on skin cells. What is more puzzlikng is that a recent article appeared in my local newspaper claimed, men who carry mobile phone in their pockets produce 30% less sperm than usual men. Where can I find up to dated information on this issue? Most information I found on google are out of date around about 1999.
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    If those news are true, I might get rid of my phone. :eek:
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    Your cell phone hardly emits any radiation at all while not being used. Having it in your pocket, separated from your testicles by several inches of leg flesh, is absolutely not going to cause any sort of problems for your fertility. The human body is mostly water, and microwaves hardly penetrate water.

    The arguments about having them near your head are more plausible, but it remains that there is no scientifically valid data correlating cell phone use and any sort of brain disease. If you're that concerned, put the phone in a backpack and use a headset.

    - Warren
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    I agree with chroot and buy a headset, they are becoming more popular and fashionable. I know ongoing tests on cell phones are being done and they have yet to detect any harmful effects from the radiation using any cell phone after like 1990 ;)
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    Ivan Seeking

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    This may be the source of the news article.
    http://www.cnn.com/2004/HEALTH/06/28/mobiles.sperm.reut/ [Broken]
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    just be sure you don't buy a Bluetooth headset .... :biggrin:
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    I'll go a step further than warren and greg - this is an off-shoot of the "power lines cause cancer" (and "microwave ovens cause cancer") hoax perpetrated by a devious reporter some years ago.
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