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General Physics (mobile phones)

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    Hi Here Is Gagan.can Anybody Answer My Question Given Below:
    1.) Why When We Dial A Mobile No. It Accsess To A Particular Mobile Inspite Of The Fact That Radiations Reaching To All Mobiles Are Same.
    In Short What Is That Thing That Actually Differentiate Various No.
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    re-title and move to one of the tech sub-forums imo...

    You make a call, and that call broadcasts to the nearest tower. That tower directs your call through cable to an automated switchboard somewhere which sends it to the other phone. That much I'm pretty certain about.

    Speculation: Each phone has a unique identification number which is attached to it's phone number. When that phone is on, it's in constant passive communication with the nearest tower. That tower transmits information to the switchboard saying something like "this phone is within my range; if you receive a call to this phone, please direct it through me".

    I don't know if that last part is correct, but is seems reasonable. Hope it helped.
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    Hello I Actually Unable To Understand This That If Two Friends Are Sitting Together,if Mobile Of One Rings Why The Motherboard Of Other,according To You Should Not Link To Nearest Tower,please Reply
    With Regards
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    Both phones link to the nearest tower, but they have different identification numbers(a phone number or a unique id linked to that phone number). When the tower links up with the phone, it probably uses that identifying number to make it's connection with only that one phone, so even though multiple phones are using the same frequency, they have unique identifiers that keep them from eavesdropping on eachother.

    EDIT: looks like most of my conjecture was right, but you can get a lot more info from wikipedia. Search wikipedia for "Mobile Phones", and look at the "Cellular Systems" subsection. That looks like it'll have everything you need.
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    Most Humble Thanks To You Sir/madam.i Hope We Will Have Great Interaction In Future.
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    One Last Question To Disturb You ,what Is Meaning By The Word "thread" You Are Using.its Mean Question Or Any Other Meaning.and Whats The Appropriate Procedure To Ask Question Through Physics Forum.
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