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Are research papers published by universities in china available to us

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    or vice versa?

    does the language barrier impede the exchange of knowledge?
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    This is rather vague IF I just go by your question in the title. And since you did not bother to further explain what you mean, there is no way to figure out what exactly is meant by "published by universities in china".

    1. Universities seldom publish papers. It is a journal that publishes paper.

    2. Any institution can submit to any relevant journals, no matter where that institution and that journal is. If you look in PRL, Nature, Science, etc., you see papers from all over the world being published.

    3. Most groups that have important results will tend to publish in well-established journals. After all, why publish an important result in a rather localized journal that only a few will read? If that result is important enough, and of interest to many, one will seek to have it published in a more widely-read publication.

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    Find the university closest to you, and go to the library located in the department for whatever field you are interested in (eg. physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, etc.). Not the main campus library, I mean the one actually in the building for that department [physics, chemistry, etc.]

    The main research journals in that department's areas of research are likely there, including ones from China, Europe, and Russia/USSR.
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