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Are software engineers happy?

  1. Aug 17, 2009 #1
    Would you say that on average, most of them live with good quality of life? Do many software engineers regret their decisions, or want to switch out?

    I'm just curious since these are the kinds of things that I read on forums, but that may just be a highly vocal minority...
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    As one of the malcontents in the field, I have to say that most of the software engineers that I work with are happy with their chosen profession. Some are more stressed on the job than others, but basically most of the people I know are content with their work and income.

    Even I am fairly happy with my income. :-)
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    I can't really choose between accounting and software eng :(
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    Your quality of life will be based largely on your own decisions, not some impossible to determine statistically determination, remember that.
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