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ARM tool to view register usage

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    I tried googling on it, but can't find the answer, maybe the keywords doesn't accurate so always led me to definition of each ARM registers instead of what I want to know.

    What I want to know is: is there any tool for ARM that give some statistic on register usage?
    for example giving information that r0 to r10 are used within my code, but r11 is never used.

    my motivation is: I realize that armcc by default omit frame pointer usage (i.e. will use FP / frame pointer as general purpose register), however I can't see in the dissasembly that FP or r11 is used (even for scratch), but of course I only check on small piece of code, not all image, maybe r11 is used somewhere else, that's why I wondering is there any tool to give statistic on usage of each ARM registers.

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