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  1. A

    Quick Question about Torque and Tension

    Homework Statement A meter stick with a mass of 260 g is supported horizontally by two vertical strings, one at the 0-cm mark and the other at the 90-cm mark A) What is the tension in the string at 0 cm B) What is the tension in the string at 90 cm C) The string at the 90-cm mark is cut. What...
  2. kostoglotov

    Why is pipelining easier on a RISC vs a CISC?

    I know very basically what pipe-lining is. My understanding is that the output from one "computing element" (usually a small set of instructions solving a simple task, such as say, finding a geometric mean) should flow immediately into the input of the following "computing element" where it is...
  3. aon3t

    A Torque applied on a lighting column

    Greetings! I am currently making a program which is about lighting columns. And I am currently at a halt because I need some basic physics done before I can complete it. I have a lighting column which is L = 8 m D = 0.087 m M = 69 kg I have a force, applied from the wind load, at F = 1235...
  4. PM22

    Formula to calculate force as a function of angle

    What formula can I use to calculate the force I need to apply to a sliding arm that makes a point contact along the edge of a rotating arm attached to a shaft driving a load in order to push the rotating arm to rotate the shaft? The rotating arm is 1 cm wide. The load at the shaft is 1 Nm...
  5. L

    Problem with wheels and arms

    Dear Physics lover friends, I am in the middle of something and I would like to ask a question on how to solve this branch wheeled problem. The yellow lines are the branches, they have one wheels on them and the wheels are on a circular path. I would like to know how much the normal force A...