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Homework Help: Arr Lin. algebra problem (frustrating)

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    the question asks;
    Consider the following matrices. What is the corresponding transfrmation on polynomials? Indicate the domain P_i and the codomain p_j
    The matrix is: [1,1;1,-1]
    I looked at the sol. manual and it states
    I seriously have no idea how they came up with that. I read the section and i don't see any examples on how to do it.
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    Given an arbitrary polynomial [itex]ax+b \epsilon P_1(\mathbb{R})[/itex], what is its coordinate vector with respect to the standard ordered basis for [itex]P_1(\mathbb{R})[/itex]?

    What is the result when you multiply this coordinate vector (on the left) by your matrix?

    What is the element of [itex]P_1(\mathbb{R})[/itex] that corresponds to this result?
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    the first line should be [itex]ax+b \ \epsilon \ P_1(\mathbb{R})[/itex]. For some reason the symbol [itex]\epsilon[/itex] isn't showing.
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