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Array of magnets around a sphere

  1. Jan 19, 2014 #1
    An array of N magnets which can turn freely about their centers in any direction in 3d space is distributed uniformly around a spherical surface (their centers). What is the configuration of equilibrium of the system after some time? (minimum energy)

    Do you know of any work showing that?

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    How much 'uniformly' do you mean? You know, N discrete magnets cannot be in a uniform distribution.

    What are the exact locations of the magnets? To get quantitative result, we need more specific information than just that they are on a sphere. I think I can get some numerical solutions once I have an idea about the initial conditions.
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    It's not possible to make a spherical magnet with one pole inside and the other outside. If you try you won't get the result you might hope for.
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    Thanks for your reply, j824h. I was thinking of points belonging to a cubic lattice nearest to a spherical surface of integer radius.
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