Fortran Arrays with parameter and data statements in fortran 77

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Let's say you have an array A and a variable B (both reals). Apparently

parameter (A = (/1.2, 3.4, .../) )

is illegal, so you have to do

data A /1.2, 3.4, .../

instead. However, what if you have a statement afterwards like this?

1 parameter (A = (/1.2, 3.4, .../) )
2 parameter (B = A(3))

If you change 1 to a data statement, 2 becomes illegal since you can only declare parameters with other parameters, but 1 is illegal as is. How would I declare something like this that's legal?


Treating something as a parameter is a protection against modifying that variable by mistake. There is nothing essential about it, so you could simply not declare B as a parameter.

Alternatively, you could set the parameter B to the actual value of A(3). (What is the risk here? If it is set as a hard-coded parameter, it shouldn't be expected to change. I would say it is bad practice to compile the same version of a code with different values of the parameters...)

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