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Artificial intelligence - the rise of machines!

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    Hi all, :smile:

    Technology has advanced phenomenally in the past few decades or so. A particular point of concern…….yeah that’s right!, ‘concern’ is the massive advent in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Softwares so powerful that it will decide the fate of mankind! Maybe, the justice system might get completely replaced by virtual judges who will decide the fate of criminals….or virtual doctors who shall prescribe what medications we need! :rolleyes:

    Imagine if weapons were to have a mind of their own….and what if they turn against us? Yeah right, one more fan of the Terminator franchise, y’all did say! but nevertheless, this could be a possibility in the near future and I need not prove my point, it’s there for all to see.

    So, my point is, should technologists take moral responsibility for our future and draw a line somewhere? Will there be no limit to the advent of AI technology? Do we, as human beings, allow technology to control our lives in the future? Will there be any future left? A host of unanswered questions! But it’s high time scientists and technocrats introspect about the repercussions of science and technology…..the negative effects in particular!

    P.S. Virtual politicians anyone? :biggrin:
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    It's ok to be paranoid, as long as you are paranoid enough.
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    My greatest fear is us being the engineered "True AI" itself.

    If we can genetically engineer organisms with today's technology, or designing "true AI" systems, then it makes it totally possible that us toowere engineered -- but at the same time just part of the full mysterious circle; who made the creator?). Religion is probably the metaphor for this.
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    Probably not - given a quick look at some of the design solutions, it's difficult to believe humans were engineered by someone omniscient and omnipotent.

    If we turn out to be an alien grad student project - that would be more believable,
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    As long as these machines are confined. Not hooked up on the internet like skynet.
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    Guess what b.shahvir, I'm a Cylon!!!!

    Honestly, you have nothing to worry about. The most advanced computers in the world are as intelligent as a severely retarded house fly.
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    ...some people watch WAY too much science fiction, methinks. :rolleyes:
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    When an AI becomes intelligent enough to design another AI that is slightly better than itself, and this new AI can design another AI that is slightly better than itself, then we could have AI's that were not even man made, there may be no one who could decipher the code. And if these new iterations can be created in seconds, exponential leaps in AI intelligence could happen in days.
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    You are forgetting that ultimately they will have been designed by programmers.

    2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. Skynet becomes self aware
    2:15 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. Skynet discovers usenet/slashdot
    9:00 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. Still waiting for Skynet to start doing some work.
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    I don't understand this fear of a robot uprising. Makes for fun fiction and movies. But beyond that, what reason would they have to do us in? I expect some seriously determined self-preservation routine would be necessary.
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    Scratch what I wrote. They're going to kill us.

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    Hes on to us!
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    There will be a gradual takeover of power by machines. It will happen mostly by consent. So, as the OP wrote, there will be virtual judges, but also virtual engineers, virtual doctors etc. etc. Perhaps it will be possible for humans to digitize the information stored in their brains and then upload that to a machine so that they live on with a machine body.

    Humans will see themselves as inferior robots. While the robots can upload themselves to machines located at distant planets via radio, humans would need spacecraft travelling close to the speed of light to visit such places. In such a world, there is no place for biological humans, except e.g. in zoos or wild reserves.
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    Inferior robots? I actually expect a coalescence of humanity and robot. Artificial limbs are an amoeba of this early human-robot impetus. How many nifty enhancements are coming our way? For early starters, I've got my eye on a little self-improvement:


    I can see a competition that ultimately unites human and machine. And won't that be interesting?
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    Yes, but once we blend with machines, the machines can expand their brains without limit. So, while the knowledge we have won't get lost, we will be completely absorbed by the machines.
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    I think the key here is control. If I control the machine with no brainpower limit in/of me, I'm still on solid footing. And I would have, of course, no reason to surrender that control.
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    If you own such a machine you could use it in your company. You could have hundreds of computer programs working as unpaid employees for you. Unless all your competitors do the same they 'll go bankrupt. So, we can see that most humans will be out of work and survive on whatver the machines produce. Presumably the government will take control of all production means in such a situation.

    At some point the machines will lose interest in us. They'll create a Logan's run type society for us to keep us happy, while the machines concentrate on more important matters. Perhaps we will continue to think we are in charge, just like our pets may think they are in charge of everything.
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    They'll still need oil.
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    How, when everything about their computer power is based off of the parts inside of the machine? Machines have a limit to what they can do, and that's the limit of their parts.

    The human brain is a living organ that's constantly growing and changing and expanding.

    Machines couldn't take over a human. They're only as good as their parts.
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